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Certified Personal Training in Chino - DNJ Fitness is located at 5370 Schaefer Ave., Suite H, Chino, CA 91710 

DNJ Fitness offers cutting-edge personal training programs and fitness kickboxing classes designed to help you reach your ultimate health and fitness goals. Our team of expert personal trainers in Chino will get you to burn fat and build lean muscle with our exciting, high-energy workouts that make getting fit more fun than you thought possible!

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This Chino Gym will take your fitness to the next level!

No matter your fitness level, we’re here to help you achieve your most desired results. We tailor each workout program to fit your individual needs so you’ll never feel like you’re getting pushed beyond your limits or not getting challenged enough.

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Burn Fat & Tone Up Fast! Call Us Now (909)529-2201

You’ll not only increase your strength and energy, you’ll boost your metabolism and build endurance. Our Chino gym specializes in improving your overall fitness by combining personal training and conditioning techniques with fat burning exercises that are guaranteed to get you in great shape fast. Come and see for yourself!

Lux Personal Training Chino Testimonial

"DNJ Fitness are the only personal trainers I've worked with that challenge me every single workout, and I never get bored. I credit them with getting & keeping my body in tip-top shape with my modeling career, and boy do they keep me in shape! They're very motivating, and introduced me to Muay Thai which I consider the fun part of our workout! Flipping monster truck tires, not so much, but it's been keeping my curves in check and I always look forward to their workouts." - LUX

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At DNJ Fitness in Chino, all of our personal trainers are certified, highly educated, and have years of experience under their belt. Personal Training and Kickboxing Classes in Chino is our passion and we hope to instill that passion in you through our love of fitness, encouraging atmosphere, and the amazing results we deliver!